Huidong overview

Huidong County, a pearl of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau along the Jinsha River (East Longitude 102°20′~103°03′, North Latitude 26°12′~26°55′), covers an area of 3,227 square kilometers, bordering Ningnan County on the north and Huili County on the West, facing Qiaojia County, Dongchuan District and Luquan County of Yunnan Province across the Jinsha River to the Northeast; It is 229 kilometers from Huidong County to Xichang City to the north and 144 kilometer to Panzhihua City to the West. Huidong County has jurisdiction over 47 villages and towns, with people of 17 nationalities living there, including the Han nationality, the Yi nationality and the Lisu nationality.

Since the foundation of Huidong County in July 1952, especially during the thirty years from China’s reform and opening-up ...     [more]

Strength and Advantages

Honored as “a pearl of Sichuan and Yunnan” and “Cornucopia of the Panzhihua-Xichang Region”, Huidong County is a core area under the "building a beautiful, bountiful, civilized and harmonious Anning River Valley" project by the Party Committee and Government of Sichuan Province and ...     [more]


Huidong County is vigorously implementing “a county based on ecology” development strategy, with blue sky and white cloud, green mountains and rivers, and golden sunshine in central position, establishing reputation in ecology and building an ecological safety barrier in the upper reaches of Yangtze River.

Building a beautiful and ecological livable home: Huidong County always insists on the development orientation of “a modern town with Sichuan-Yunnan features and a ecological livable home to all” ...


Huidong County is located at the intersection of six districts and counties of Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, absorbing cultural essence of Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces and presenting cultural features of both provinces.

Food & delights: Six featured agricultural industries jointly contribute to the colorful and attractive featured products of Huidong County – special food with Sichuan-Yunnan features. Feast combining features of the Yi and Han nationalities is admired by friends and guests from afar ...

Harmonious society

The County Party Committee and County Government of Huidong give the construction of harmonious society priority among priorities, to guarantees that over 70% of gross expenditure is used in the improvement of people’s livelihood, the fruit of development is shared among all citizens more equally, and 420,000 people of all nationalities live and feel the great benefit of the construction of people’s livelihood and share the fruit of development together.

Government ...      [more]

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